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Band Lineup

Blind Joe


Blind Joe: North Dakota's Real Country Rebel

The rowdy non-stop rebel soul that is Blind Joe is as infectious as a night spent laughing with your closest friends while you knock some back to a few old-school country songs. Coming from nowhere to being one of the most successful solo musicians in the tri-state area was not what he expected. Nevertheless, in just a few short years, Joe has shared the stage with numerous top local and regional acts, as well as national recording artists such as Travis Tritt, Walker Hayes, Jake Owen, Cole Swindell, David Allan Coe, Craig Morgan, John Anderson, Buddy Guy, Bret Michaels of Poison, and more. After multiple cross country tours playing to thousands of fans, amassing over 100,000 followers on TikTok in just six months, and an excellent run on Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice, Blind Joe is fast becoming a household name. Although if you asked him, he would humbly tell you, "I'm just bringin' that good stuff back."
Since finding sobriety and moving to Nashville in 2019 with his wife Liann, Joe has released some of his most heartfelt music to date including an “autobiographical Jesus jam” called Light Of Her Love, and a boot stompin freedom fighting anthem called I Will Not Comply that’s sure to be a hit! 
With his quick witted sense of humor, original country music, and energetic stage presence, Joe is tapping his way quickly into the hearts and minds of people all over the world... And in case you’re wondering, YES… he really is blind!

Corey Primus


It always comes back to an acoustic guitar and a good song. Inject some of your soul and share it to see who you can touch. After many years of music and many standout moments including opening for Canadian Rock Legend Burton Cummings and Paul Janz as well as sharing the stage with acclaimed singer/songwriter Stephen Fearing, Primus continues to bring an inviting mix of well-crafted songs blended seamlessly with personalized versions of cover songs from throughout the years. The blend is everything it should be: engaging, thought-provoking, and yet easily approachable. Your can find and follow his original music and videos on any and all of the major platforms. Even better, you can come and hear him live, in person. Whether it is an acoustic arrangement of a familiar cover song or an energy infused live performance of his own originals, the music is always current, fresh and timeless.

Howlin' Pete & Megs Benedict


Calgary's Howlin' Pete Cormier & Megs Benedict put on a larger than life duo show - they call it a two person trio. Pete plays the drums with his feet while boogeying on the piano, and Meg rocks out on the saxophone as they take turns leading 50s Rock & Roll, Blues favourites and charming originals. Bring your dancing shoes. It's equal parts concert and total body workout.



Truth, formerly known as SixXx’Tre, is a controversial Canadian rapper with provocative lyrics, passionate vocals, a powerful message, and an honest, emotive delivery and tone that is often compared to Eminem, 2Pac and DMX. He writes his music from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting engaging stories with creative and witty wordplay. On the mic he articulates his point of view clearly and concisely. On stage he’s a human fireball, bursting with energy. He speaks from his heart and expresses himself with great intensity.


He is best known for his 2022 Freedom Convoy anthem, Truck You Trudeau, and his aggressive anti authoritarian COVID rant, When Will Enough Be Enough, and his highly polarizing album, Welcome 2 the Revolution. Truth preaches passionately about government corruption and overreach and speaks boldly about the hidden satanic agenda and deception behind the music and entertainment industry.


His objective is to help others escape the matrix, awaken them to the spiritual warfare amidst us, and lead them to true freedom, which comes only from embracing THE TRUTH and innerstanding that we are all children of the Most High God.


The truth will set you free!

Tamara Lich


Medicine Hat's Tamara Lich is active in her advocacy of the rights and freedoms of all Canadians and was an organizer and supporter of the Freedom Convoy 2022. Documented in her bestselling book, "Hold the Line - my story from the heart of the Freedom Convoy". Tamara will be at the Festival on Saturday June 29th and sign a copy of her book for you.



FreeSonic was formed during the days of lock down when pubs, restaurants and music venues were shut down, and the music industry was essentially ended. We got together and played and rehearsed all through the pandemic, playing live at the only venues available which were the outdoor protests and rallies. Fronted by vocalist Maria Ho, FreeSonic is currently working on original music, as well as popular and classic cover tunes!


Maria's Bio

Maria's soulful and soothing sounds captivate audiences in a musical breeze of standards, French, pop and original songs. Her spellbinding stage presence will uplift your mind and brighten your day. Maria has recorded with Phil Dwyer, George Robert, Richie Cole, Warren Vaché, Krishna Booker, Lionel Young, Campbell Ryga and Seamus Blake.

Maria’s music has received rotation airplay on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, Coast to Coast AM, KUVO in Denver, Penthouse Radio in New York, DR P1 and DR P8 Jazz in Denmark and CBC Radio across Canada. Maria has performed in Italy, Las Vegas, and Denver. In 2024, Maria was selected to perform at Hermann’s Jazz Club through the Victoria Music Strategy Grant.

A graduate from the University of BC, a background in classical piano, Maria has also studied jazz for over 15 years. After releasing three albums, she is now working on a new album of original compositions. Her original song “If I Can Turn Back Time” features the orchestral arrangement of Fred Stride.

Midnight Coyote


Midnight Coyote is a three piece , classic rock cover band hailing out of Keremeos BC.

From the left:  James Duperron on bass and vocals, Rick Wood on lead guitar and vocals, and Steve Hunt on Drums and vocals. Along with a wide variety of oldies and classic rock, the group likes to add in a splash of Latin flavoured tunes as well as a few originals.


jr promo singing.jpg

From the sublime charm of the Okanagan Valley in central British Columbia rises a beautiful performer with a new dimension to the mystical enchantment of music. Every culture has spoken of the quality of music that transcends time and space and speaks directly to the heart, and many have felt the texture of music as the language of the soul. Jacquelyn draws music from her heart and tenderly offers it to souls.


Jacquelyn-Rose is a performer who captivates the audience with a message of freedom and self-empowerment cradled in song and delivered with passion. Her messages lead to the age-old axiom that “Solutions to your greatest personal challenges are found within yourself”. Jacquelyn’s music with a message is perfect for mature audiences seeking to create the life they have always dreamed of … and more! 

Cobra Radio


Get ready for the best rock n’ roll party around! COBRA RADIO is a 5 piece classic rock dance party band from Penticton BC. Fronted by the ever charismatic and talented vocalist / multi-instrumental Joey Sather - former frontman of Tiger Bomb (Winner of the Best of the South Okanagan local band 2023) and a crack team of fun loving musicians. Cobra Radio brings a rock solid rhythm section from Eric Galata (former drummer of the Hillside Outlaws) and the outrageous bassist James Warnock to get the dance floor packed. On top of that there's the killer dual guitar attack from Jimmy Amlet and Dan Parr guaranteed to get the house rocking. They will be performing favorite songs from the 60's to 2000's to ensure that everyone has an amazing time. This is one party you don’t want to miss.

Dianna Wallis


Artis/ Singer/Song writer

Diana is a Canadian Christian Artist, worship leader, singer and song writer based in greater Vancouver BC.

Dianna’s segue into singing happened during her high school choir days, but it wasn’t until later in life that her musical abilities would unfold.

Dianna had many struggles in life which interfered with her ability to focus on her musical endeavors. 

However, the story was not over. Jesus was her saving grace! He gave her the freedom she needed to pursue her passion for music and singing.

Dianna pays this grace forward by dedicating her life to volunteering as a worship leader in churches and ministries. 

As a worshipper and a music artist, it has been a life-long dream to create an album with the songs that have been pouring out of her heart.

If you would like host an event where Dianna shares her stories and favourite songs contact us at

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